Tile is long lasting and durable. It’s ideal for some of the most high traffic areas of the home. It creates the look of luxury for backsplashes and custom showers. Many varieties of shapes and sizes are available that makes it possible for you to make your space as simple or custom as you’d like it. Installation costs are higher on tile making it one of the more expensive flooring options.


Nothing beats the natural beauty of hardwood. It’s timeless and brings value to the home. There are more available styles and options than there ever has been before. New technology in the stains and finishes has created it to be a more maintenance-friendly product. Other flooring options may become dated over time, but hardwood will always keep its beauty and style.


Carpet is a staple in the flooring industry. It brings warmth, comfort, and can be incredibly soft. There are endless varieties, styles, and colors. Homeowners are mainly sticking to putting carpet in their bedrooms and living rooms. Carpet generally is the most affordable flooring you can put in your home and installation costs are lower compared to other flooring options.


Today’s hottest flooring category. One of the most versatile products in the flooring market. It’s ideal for anywhere in your home; basements, kitchens, and even bathrooms. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, kid and pet friendly, and looks realistically like wood and tile. And while luxury vinyl might sound expensive, this flooring can come in many price points to fit your needs.